ARS Canada 24th Regional Convention – June 2019

The ARS Cambridge Meghri chapter hosted the ARS 99th Convention and 24th Canadian Regional Convention June 28-30, 2019 in Cambridge Ontario with over 60 participants from 10 chapters. In presence were Right Rev. Fr. Keghart Kusbekian, Vicar General of the Prelacy of Canada, Ung. Caroline Chamavonian Chairperson of ARS Central Executive and C.E. member Ung. Anna Der Hagopian, Ung. Girair Zakarian ARF GenGen member as well as sister organizations’ representatives.

The meeting began June 28th, ARS Canada Chairperson, Ung. Annie Ohanian invited members to begin the convention with the ARS Anthem, followed by a moment of silence for members who are no longer with us and the meeting continued with its agenda.
During the meeting, sister organizations took the opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate the efforts and work of ARS Canada that continues to benefit many locally, nationally as well as abroad.

ARS Central Executive Chairperson, Caroline Chamavonian, shared the 4-year report of activities on a global scale of the ARS Central Executive. Ung. Nairi Shahinian disclosed the ARS Central Executive’s initiative of Vision 2020.

During the convention, chapters had the opportunity to share their activities and initiatives with all participants. The ARS Regional Executive presented the biennial report including the financial report and received comments of appreciation for a job well done.

The chapters and individual delegates presented their resolutions which were voted upon and which will become a guideline to the 2019-2021 Regional Executive board.

There were also Resolutions voted upon to be presented by the Canada Region at the upcoming 72nd ARS International Convention to be held in Montreal from October 7-11, 2019.

The meeting then elected the new Board of Directors for 2019-2021. Joining Annie Ohanian and Jojo Bedrossian were the following members:
Seta Malkhassian (Montreal, Sosse Chapter)
Azkanoush Hadidian (Laval, Shoushi Chapter)
Suzy Boyamian (Laval, Shoushi Chapter)
Iren Telemian (Toronto, Roubina Chapter)
Ani Hotoyan-Joly (Toronto, Roubina Chapter)
The four delegates to represent ARS Canada at the 72nd International Convention elected were the following:
Anna Boulgarian (Montreal Sosse Chapter)
Arminée Karabetian (Montreal Sosse Chapter)
Nairy Shahinian (Toronto Roubina Chapter)
Sylvie Ohanian (Toronto Roubina Chapter)
Words of appreciation and gratitude were shared to the local Cambridge Meghri Chapter for all their collaborative efforts in hosting the Regional Convention.
The convention ended June 30th, leaving members with further inspiration and motivation for all members to continue to work towards the ARS mission collaboratively within their chapters.
The meeting closed with the ARS anthem.