Our Work

The ARS Canada Regional Executive Board sponsors a number of activities and supports all ARS Inc. projects.

Youth Exchange Program (ARS Inc.)

The ARS supports the interaction of Armenian children in the Diaspora. To facilitate the development of these important connections and friendships, the ARS began its Youth Exchange program in 1987. The ARS subsidizes children with financial needs and provides them with the opportunity to experience summer camp and to make life long memories at the following camps: CBAF Colonie Bellefontaine in France, AYF Camp Haiastan in Boston and AYF Camp in California.

Sponsor a Child (ARS Inc.)

Since 1992, ARS Canada chapters, members, supporters, and various organizations have sponsored over 2500 orphans through our efforts.

Sponsor a Student (ARS Inc.)

Established in 2006, the Sponsor a Student Program is the second phase of the Sponsor a Child Program. Since its inception, ARS members and supporters, ARS chapters, and various organizations have sponsored over xxxx university students.

Sosse Kindergarten (ARS Inc.)

Elementary schooling and hot meals in warm and secure surroundings are provided five days a week. This provides war widows and economically deprived women the freedom to work and earn income.

Distribution of Medicine and Clothing (ARS Canada through ARS Inc.)

In 1989, medication valued at over $100,000 was sent to Armenia and appropriated. The donation was made by Wyeth Ayerst Canada. Winter clothing and medical uniform valued at more than $50,000 were also sent and distributed.

2019: A total of 800,000 Providone-Iodine Solution and Antiseptic swab sticks packets, valued at $150,000, was shipped to Armenia for hospitals in Armenia and Artsakh. The donation was made by Lernapharm of Quebec.

Educational and Organizational (ARS Canada)

We organize seminars, conferences, inter-chapter meetings and lectures to help renew and strengthen membership ties in an educational and social atmosphere. These events offer our members with opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Disaster Relief Aid (ARS Inc. and Canada)

The ARS plays an active role in providing relief in war torn countries and those who are affected by natural disasters. During the last decades, ARS entities have responded to disasters in Armenia, Artsakh, Chile, Haiti, Japan, Lebanon, South Africa, Syria, the Philippines, Thailand, and the USA. In Canada, we have donated funds, through the Canadian Red Cross, to natural disaster-stricken communities such as Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta.

Scholarship and Educational Grants (ARS Canada)

ARS Canada annually awards scholarships to post-secondary education students with demonstrated academic excellence and involvement in the Armenian community. The scholarship is awarded to both college and university students.

Publications (ARS Canada)

Lradou is ARS Canada’s annual publication. Its objectives include spreading our message; featuring chapters’ activities and contributions; highlighting milestones; as well as promoting volunteerism and social responsibility. Lradou is published in Horizon Weekly and distributed to our members.

Pocket calendars are printed annually

Our newsletter is sent periodically to ARS members and supporters to keep them informed of ARS initiatives and activities across Canada and the impact that our volunteers are making.

Reports of different functions and events organized by our chapters appear regularly in Horizon Weekly, Toronto Hye monthly newspaper, and Social Media.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund (ARS Canada)

We have been supporting the Hayastan All Armenian Fund since its inception in 1992, with ARS representatives in All Armenian Fund’s Montreal and Toronto chapters.

Other Initiatives

ARS Canada generously supports non-Armenian educational and humanitarian charity foundations that share our values. Below is a list of some of the Canadian organizations we have donated to:

  • Breast Cancer Society
  • Civic Action Leadership Foundation
  • Croix-Rouge Canadienne
  • Dr. Roz’s Healing Place
  • Fondation CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Fondation des Toiles
  • Fondation Hôpital Marie-Clarac
  • hEr Volution
  • La Fondation Canadienne du Rein
  • Manoir Cartierville
  • McGill Armenian Students’ Medical Society
  • Muscular Distrophy Canada
  • Newcomers’ Kitchen
  • Plan International Canada
  • Société Canadienne de la Sclérose en Plaques
  • Sun Youth
  • The Hospital for Sick Kids
  • Women’s College Hospital Foundation