Please make cheques payable to: A.R.S. Foundation

Mail to:
A.R.S. Canada Regional Executive Board
3401, rue Olivar-Asselin
Montreal, QC
H4J 1L5

Funds can also be sent by e-transfer to :

A.R.S. Canada Funds

  • Endowment Fund
  • Educational Fund
  • Javakhk Fund
  • Orphans/Orphanages/Kindergarten Fund
  • Armenouhi Piliguian Fund
  • Arsen Ohanian Fund
  • Boghos & Maro Sahaguian Fund, funded by Mr Sahaguian in memory of his wife.
  • Dikranouhie Artinian Fund
  • Krikor and Razmouhi Shahinian Fund
  • Mannik Dailerian Fund
  • Nairi Boghosian-Nazarian Fund
  • Nora Gunjian Fund
  • Noubar and Anita Jessourian Fund
  • Proudian Fund
  • Theolinda Karabetian Fund
  • Varoujan Bastajian Fund
  • Zovag Khatcherian Fund
  • Boghos Kelian-Lintian Fund
  • Haroutioun Yessayan
  • Annie Demirjian
  • Vanouhi Issadjanian
Thank you Donors!
ARS Canada Regional Executive Board would like to thank all its sponsors; individual, corporate and institutional, who have acted on their values by donating to ARS programs and projects that serve the basic needs of our community and Homeland. We have been honoured by our donors through their generous gifts and trust in our mission.