Annual Regional Seminar – Kingston, 2009

Each year the Annual Regional Seminar takes place to bring together ARS members from across Canada. This year, it took place in Kingston Saturday April 18, 2009 with approximately 150 participants from 7 chapters across Canada.

The seminar began with the opening remarks of Ung. Varsenik Sarkissian, welcoming all the attendees.

During this single day seminar, there were two lectures organized.

The first lecturer, introduced by Ung. Keghouhi Bastadjian, was pharmacist Shoghig Kataryan, born and raised in Toronto and a pleasure to have a young ARS member present this lecture. Ung. Shoghig discussed diabetes subject in detail, its side effects and the usage of medications and how someone with diabetes can live a healthy life. She then answered questions that were presented from the audience.

The second lecturer was Armine Gharakhanian, an ARS member from Mississauga chapter, who was introduced by Ung. Maral Hovsepian. She discussed in depth how to proactively plan for retirement.  Ung. Gharakhanian gave opportunity for many to learn more about the programs available in both Ontario and Quebec.

Following the lectures, workshops were organized focused on the upcoming 100th anniversary of the ARS.  Attendees were split into groups with 7 questions to focus on during the brainstorming session.  The results were later shared by Lousine Palanjian who ran the workshop for the group.

The seminar ended with remarks from the ARS Canada Chairperson, Arminée Karabetian, and later the singing of the ARS Anthem.