ARS Hamilton Arev Chapter – Christmas Market 2019

The event took place December 15th, 2019. Flyers were made and put out to spread the word by Laurig Barsoumian. Many members participated as well as lots of others from outside the community who reserved tables to present their items. Some vendors came from Toronto like Mesrob and Daniel Hanna who both presented jewelry, as well as our member Alen Kucuk and his family. Also, Hamazkayin participated from Toronto. Delicious foods were prepared by Armig Tovmassian and Lucy Poladian. The ARS table was a mix of donations from all the ladies. Christmas items and gifts were prepared by Marigold Galaxy décor, Ornyana décor, and Bella Fabian. Beauty products and creams by Shana Washington as well as her daughter, Taliyah, who presented slime for kids.