ARS Montreal Sosse Chapter – Vartanants Celebration

On Thursday, February 20th, 2020, took place our yearly event commemorating “Vartanatz”.  Guests were treated to a delicious “mante” dinner, prepared diligently by our expert members. The evening’s sweet note was the crowd favorite pastry “nazoug”. As part of the entertainment program, ungerouhi Kohar Torossian recited a poem from our great poet Baroyr Sevag. Hrag Bankian performed A cappella song dedicated to this occasion.

Proceeds from this event went to ARS Central Executive’s Lebanese-Armenian Community’s emergency fund.

The three embroideries in the photo were conceived by our late ungerouhi Anahid Tertsakian. It was her wish that these would decorate our stage at every Vartananz commemoration.