ARS Montreal Sosse Chapter – Vision 2020 Wine Tasting 2019

Wine is a topic that most often generates curiosity if not interest. Whether with amateurs or connoisseurs, wine can bring people together and spark interesting discussions.

Wine was the topic around which the ARS Montreal “Sosse” chapter gathered about 50 guests, curious and interested to learn and experiment basic tasting techniques. This original and fun activity was more specifically organized by the chapter’s Vision 2020 committee, the purpose of which is to collect funds destined to the ARS Central Board fundraising project bearing that same name.

Not only the event was original and one of a kind, it also was a premiere as being the first ever event held by “Sosse” chapter at the “Armen Garo and Chake Gunjian” centre. Mrs. Gunjian and her daughter were among the attendees and honoured us with their presence to this inaugural gathering.

It was overall a very sober (no word games intended here) and tightly planned evening, held on Sunday October 20th, 2019 in the very warm and welcoming setup of the “Gunjian” Centre. The main room would only fit about 50 seated guests, allowing for an intimate mood and informal yet friendly conversations.

Two wine professionals, one as a sommelier and the other as an Armenian wines’ distributor, had graciously accepted our invitation to speak. The two have a history of past collaborations and were transiting from one to the other seamlessly. Thanks to their deep knowledge of wine and its industry, our guest speakers presented a highly informative session on wine, its characteristics, its colours, aromas, and tasting notes. They more specifically spoke about most commonly known grape types such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and some less explored ones such as Areni and Voskehat.

Needless to say that, as one would expect, the speakers had planned a trivia game and a blind tasting exercise too. This part of the event turned into a friendly competition, filling the room with funny remarks and laughter. Winners of this wine “guessing game” were offered symbolic gifts for their participation and good results.

We are recalling this event for the good memories it left us with and the successful result it had.