ARS Montreal Sosse Chapter – Volunteer Appreciation Night 2019

Our annual Volunteer Appreciation Evening was held on June 13th, 2019 at the Armenian Community Center in Montreal. What a memorable evening filled with lots of fun and togetherness!
The objective of this annual event is to show appreciation and gratitude for the endless devotion of our volunteers towards the Armenian Relief Society.
With over 100 attendees, the event was hosted by ungerouhi Nairy Yemenidjian, member of the executive committee. Entertainment included games such as “Guess the Price” and “Find the Following Article” with hilarious items to dig and find either from their own purses or other members’. The laughter did not stop!
The evening’s activities concluded with the award show. Twenty members were selected and handed out awards for “best hugs” and “most calming effect on us”, to name a few. Everyone was delighted!
There was a buffet ready to entice every taste bud, as well as a DJ providing the best Armenian dance hits once the games ended. To say that our ungerouhis knew to fire up the dance floor is an understatement!
Participants left with lasting memories and some were lucky to leave with gifts.