ARS Toronto Roubina Chapter – COVID Mask Initiative

The Armenian Relief Society works within the community for the benefit of the community.  The Toronto Roubina Chapter has over 400 members who today, like, everyone globally, are under measures of isolation and physical distancing imposed and required to control the Covid-19 pandemic that has gripped the world.  Usually, our members would be organizing various fundraising and educational activities this spring, but all such activities seemed somehow unimportant, now.

It is not in our nature to sit and wait for relief during crisis, so when it reached us that the Michael Garron Hospital had put a call out to the Toronto Community to sew masks for vulnerable populations and the elderly, we got to work!  The most difficult task was sourcing material and supplies necessary when all non-essential services were closed.  Then we needed to figure out the logistics of finding sewers and sewing machines, distributing materials all whilst maintaining physical distancing measures to ensure the safety of our members and the general community.  Some gathered supplies, others made lists of volunteer sewers, whilst others figured out the logistics of distribution.  Once the wheels began to roll or in this case the needles began to sew, there was no stopping our network of dedicated women.