Artsakh AID: Artsakh Needs You, Donate Today


Artsakh Needs You

Sunday Morning (Artsakh time), the Azeri regime launched a full-scale military attack against the peaceful residents of the Republic of Artsakh interrupting their Sunday prayers, killing innocent lives, injuring hundreds, and targeting civilian populated cities, schools, and villages. While we vehemently condemn these attacks, however today, we call upon you once again to help defend our Nation-State and do what each of us can to help support our soldiers and our people.

It is part of the ARS objectives to “provide special appropriation for food, medicine, and clothing in the event of war, epidemic, and natural disasters.” “To provide health, education and welfare programs that assist Armenian soldiers, the families of those who volunteer for the Armenian Cause…”


The ARS urges everyone to do their utmost to assist our compatriots, the peaceful citizens of Artsakh, the wounded and those left without shelter. It is necessary to secure funds to expedite all that is needed; shelter, food, medicines, as well as medical equipment for the hospitals of Armenia and Artsakh, specifically for the Yerevan Heratsi Hospital Rehabilitation Center for wounded soldiers.

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  • By cheque to: ARS Foundation Mailing address:

Armenian Relief Society of Canada

3401 Olivar Asselin

Montreal, QC H4J 1L5


  • Through Canada helps by՝ visiting our website:


  • Via Etransfer , through our email address:

Join our efforts to fulfill our objectives and help support our brethren in Artsakh.

With the People, For the People