Hamilton Arev Chapter History

The Hamilton Chapter was founded by 9 members in 1913 and named “Arev Chapter” in 1993.

The first executive committee members were: Marika Papirtsian, Verkin Korkoyan, Zarouhi Yegmalian, Takouhi Eloyan, Nvart Khasoyan, Yeghisapet Goshgagarian and Nazen Mouradian.

In its earlier stages, the chapter hosted their meetings in their members’ homes with a mission to help those in need, and to increase their member base.  Their work was focused on maintaining Armenian culture and traditions with events hosted during Christmas, “michink”, Easter, “hampartsoum”, etc.  They also formed traditional dance classes, choir as well as play.

Many prominent leaders such as Karekin Njteh, Arsen Mikayelian, Soghmon Tehlirian, Diran Papazian, Gobernig Tanderjian, Taparagan, L. Aharonian have visited this community in support of its growth and establishment.

The Hamilton Arev Chapter has supported the local community and their needs, and continuously gone beyond the borders to wherever their help was needed. Today, they continue to support and work together to serve those in need, whether it is locally or Armenians in need abroad, from their office in the Armenian Community Center build in 1950.