Executive Message

As a charitable and humanitarian organization, the Armenian Relief Society?s (ARS) mission is to assist those experiencing social hardship.
Over the past 108 years, the ARS has evolved into a network of thousands of volunteers, dedicated supporters, sponsors, and benefactors who donate funds and time to our beloved organization.
With more than 1,200 members and 10 chapters, the Canadian Region has a unique place in the ARS international structure.
The field of activities of ARS Canada is extensive and diverse.
ARS Canada supports the implementation of the Central Executive Board?s Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and Diaspora programs while also working on various local, educational and social programs.
Today, we are stronger than ever, proud of our achievements and looking forward to the future. We are deeply convinced that the ARS will continue to realize its homeland and philanthropic missions for decades to come thanks to the organized work, selflessness and dedication of its members, who continue to give the best part of their time and ability.

Dear members and benefactors,
With the assistance of caring people like you, we will continue to offer life-enhancing opportunities to those in great need.
Together, with renewed spirit and enthusiasm, we will achieve all our national and international projects.
Thank you for believing in our organization and, most of all, thank you for caring.