Montreal “Sosse” Committees

The ARS. Sosse Chapter in Montreal has the following permanent committees:

Referral and Support
Provides information about community resources and directs individuals who are seeking assistance to the appropriate governmental and private agencies.

Elderly Care Group
Visits the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals, in particular Manoir Cartierville, accompanies the elderly to medical appointments’ (as the need arises), and organizes social events, outings and bazaars for the profit of Manoir Cartierville.

Social Club
Organizes social and cultural activities on bimonthly basis, to promote socialization among the Chapter’s members and prevent isolation among the autonomous elderly living alone. Some of these activities celebrate Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Sourp Sarkis, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter; organizes a pilgrimage to Sourp Khatch church (Cambridge), picnics, etc.

Educational committee
Organizes lectures and seminars to raise public awareness about social, medical, cultural and feminine issues.

Membership committee
Updates the members’ records and prepares the annual membership fee invoice.

Hosting committee
Organizes the reception (i.e. coffee and snacks) during the general meetings.

Archives’ committee
Examines the filing system of the Chapter.

Election committee
Searches for new candidates to replace the members of the executive who are not eligible for a reelection, and delegates to represent the Chapter during the Regional Delegates Assembly.

Bazaar committee
Organizes, coordinates and carries out the annual bazaar, a two day event, which is the main income source of our Chapter.

Internal Audit
Committee inspects the Chapter’s finances.

Hye Taste
Organizes cooking lessons for young Armenians to promote socialization among them and familiarize them with the culinary secrets of the Armenian cuisine.

Contact committee
Informs the members by phone or by e-mail last minute news, and details about various activities or events.

The Chapter creates also temporary committees to plan, coordinate and perform the following events: International Women’s Day; ARS Day; Children’s Christmas Party; St. Vartan’s Day; Palm Sunday’s bazaar; Hampartzoum; Walkathon; and others as needed.