Montreal Sosse Chapter History

Montreal’s Armenian community is a vibrant and active Community today. In May 14, 1957, at the initiative of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), and in presence of ungerouhi Kayané Ganayan, member of ARS Central Executive and wife of General Tro Ganayan, the Montreal Chapter of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) was founded, with the financial and moral support of the three brothers, Hrant, Yervant and Hagop Pastermadjian, as well as Mr. Kerovpe Boudoukian, who have become the first honorary members of the chapter. Initially, there were only 9 members which grew to 43 in less than a year – and the first committee was elected: Arakelian Marie, Assadourian Siran, Kaprielian Marie, Boyajian Aitablian Araxi, Saylek Silva, Der Hovagimian Lucy, Pashayan Vartouhi.

With the great devotion and enthusiasm, the members helped in organising the community by providing help to new immigrants, playing a vital role in arranging social and cultural activities, and organizing fund raising activities to support Sourp Hagop Armenian Church. The chapter continuously collaborated with ARS Central Executive and actively participated in their Convention meetings.

On March 4, 1993 the Chapter was named Sosse in honour of Sosse Mayrig, our national fedayi heroine.

Today, Montreal’s Sosse Chapter remains true to the tenets of its mandate, by meeting the social and educational needs, preserving the cultural identity of the Armenian community, supporting the Sourp Hagop Armenian Day School and bringing humanitarian help to all communities in distress.