Ottawa Sevan Chapter History

The ARS Ottawa Sevan chapter was established May 26, 1993 with the founding members who were the initial executive committee: Shake Hagopian, Srpouhi Nazarian, Zarouhi Babikian-Hodgins, Baizar Babikian and Sonia Bezikian.

Since the establishment, the chapter has taken part in several events and fundraisers to benefit the initiatives of ARS. Some annual events include, the Christmas Bazaar, educational seminars, participation in the Carnival of Cultures and the Ottawa Tulip Festival – where they represent the Armenian culture and heritage every year.

The Sevan Chapter Also contributes actively to the needs of the Embassy of the Armenian Republic in Ottawa by answering to all their requests for needed help.

Today, the chapter continues to serve locally and abroad with its strong force of active ARS members.