Sirdé Sird

Sird? Sird Campaign

This program is designed to assist ARS Canada in providing scholarships and awards to deserving post-secondary and high school students who excel in community service and scholastic achievement.

With your support, ARS Canada helps our youth by granting 12 university and 5 college/CEGEP students with scholarships of $1,000 each. The selection process is conducted independently by a group of scholars who review the applications and score them based on factors such as community involvement, scholastic achievement, and personal income.

Awards of $250 each are also given to two high school students with demonstrated leadership skills, who volunteer in their schools by helping younger students, and who are involved in extra-curricular activities.

Show Canadian-Armenian students that you care by investing in their future. Please donate generously to ARS Canada?s Sird? Sird campaign.

For additional information on this program, please contact the ARS Canada Regional office at: 514-333-1616 or write to: