Pocket Calendar

ARS Canada?s Pocket Calendar Drive is an annual project created to secure funding for core initiatives like disaster relief and education.

Funds are donated to help Armenians and non-Armenians inside and outside of Canada. In the past, recipients have included earthquake victims in Haiti, Armenian refugees in Syria, wounded individuals in Artsakh, and others.

This drive is a major source of income for the benefit of schools that instill Armenian culture and values in our children and that prepare our future leaders. It provides much needed help to daily and one-day schools for children of all ages as well as to summer camps. It also helps families send their children to camps in France and the United States. These international projects create bonds between children in Canada and those elsewhere in the world and they help them appreciate the similarities and differences between Armenians from around the world.

For additional information on this program, please contact the ARS Canada Regional office at: 514-333-1616 or write to: ars-canada@bellnet.ca.