Regional Conventions

Background information

The Regional Convention is the deliberative and legislative body of the Region and is held biennially.

The Board of Directors sets the time and the place of the Regional Convention.

Chapters are entitled to representation at the Regional Conventions upon fulfilling their current fiscal year quota payment in full by May 31 and presenting their annual financial and activity reports to the Board of Directors by June 10.

Chapters’ participation in the Regional Convention is in accordance to the number of their respective active members.

The Board of Directors is elected during the Regional Convention.

ARS Canada 23rd Regional Convention, 30 June, 1-2 July 2017

Badkamavoragan Joghov 2017
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2015-2017 Bi-Annual Report

ARS Canada 22nd Regional Convention, 26-27-28 June, 2015

ARS Canada 22nd Regional Convention -2015 Article
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2013 Convention Picture

21st Regional Convention

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