Annual Regional Seminar – Ottawa, 2011

The ARS Canada Regional’s 20th annual Seminar took place in Ottawa, April 9-10th 2011, in the Marriott Hotel, graciously hosted by Ottawa Sevan Chapter, with nearly 150 participants from various chapters, including participants from far away Vancouver. Present at the seminar were participants from Boston, Massachusetts as well as Mrs. Lucineh Movsesian, Consul General of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia and Mrs. Helen Aivazian, Senior aid to the Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the  Republic of Armenia in Canada.
The meeting commenced with the ARS anthem, and opening remarks by ARS Canada Regional Chairperson Ung. Anna Boulgarian.

The first lecturer of the day, Mrs. Naira Agopian, wife of the Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Canada, was introduced by Ung. Varsenig Sarkissian. Mrs. Hagopian took the podium to present the subject of “Millenium Development Goals in Armenia: Challenges and Perspective.” During the lecture, she emphasized the significant role of women in Armenia and the impact their health and social rights have on the progress of the nation. She acknowledged the impactful work of ARS in this regard through their many initiatives that benefit the many needs.

Following the lunch break, a workshop was organized by the Regional Executive with a focus on how to progress and further innovate the ARS working methods in the next decade.  This opportunity brought forward many ideas and initiatives that the ARS Regional leadership would take with them.

With the exchange of ideas, members left for an evening dinner reception with further inspiration and new ideas to fulfill the mission of ARS.

The second lecturer, Dorothy Bengoian, who was invited from the USA was introduced by Ung. Keghouhi Bastadjian to present the topic, “The Power of Laughter.” She emphasized how perspective plays a strong role in how we perceive our surroundings, and shared some tools to help see the good, amid the challenges that will inevitably be a part of all our journeys.

On April 10th, attendees visited the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Canada where the Charge d’affares of the Embassy Mr. Arman Agopian, alongside his wife Naira Agopian, received the ARS ladies and shared words of appreciation for the incredible work of the organization and presented ARS Canada with a letter of appreciation for its support of the Embassy of the Armenian Republic in Canada.

Towards the end of the day, participants visited historic and local sites by the Saint Lawrence river.  Words of appreciation and gratitude were shared with the Ottawa Sevan chapter for hosting and organizing an impactful and enjoyable couple of days.
The seminar allowed members to have an opportunity to learn more about the current state of Armenia, where there are needs, and how we can collectively work towards reaching those in need.