St Catharines Araz Chapter History

St Catharine’s Chapter was established in 1915 whose founding members were: Tateos Kalaydjian, Satenig Ghougassian, Manoushag Margossian, Srpouhi Melkonian, Makrouhi Hovsepian, Hayrabed Hovsepian, Krikor Nazarian, Lousentak Chichegyan, Mihran Derderian, Zarouhi Derderian, Hayrabed Der Manuelian, Verkin Papazian and Goulizar Keusseyan.

In 1926, there was the establishment of Armenian School, which initially commenced with classes taking place in their homes twice a week. Eventually, with the support of the local ARS chapter, these classes took place in the Armenian Community Center of St Catharines and named the school, “Harach Varjaran” from which generations have learned to read, write and speak Armenian and become active members of the local community.

The chapter continues to host several events every year, including bazaar, participation in the multicultural festival, and many traditional and cultural events.