ARS Laval Shoushi Presenting Food Tasting and Exercise Day POSTPONED

ACC Laval 397 Bd Des Prairies, Laval, Quebec

  Event POSTPONED DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES                           Come join us for a fun filled morning starting at 10am on Saturday, June 18th 2022 @ ACC Laval-Լաւալի Հայ Կեդրոն Some stretching with Natalie Guiragossian and food tasting with Chef Levon Keyork from Manti […]


ARS Laval Shoushi Chapter Seminar April 2022

ACC Laval 397 Bd Des Prairies, Laval, Quebec

                    Come and join us for a very interesting breakfast-seminar. Saturday April 2nd 2022 at ACC Laval-Լաւալի Հայ Կեդրոն , Baronian hall. Breakfast:10am-10:30am Seminar starts at 10:30am Guest speakers: Photograph Hrair Hawk Khatcherian Garbis Meshefedjian PhD Participation fee: 10$ Open to all!